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Top 100 Nutrition Resources You Should Know About


Poor nutrition can adversely affect our physical and mental health. It can also make it difficult to enjoy our everyday activities.

In other words, you need to prioritize your health if you want to excel in all areas of your life.

The good news is that there are many informational resources available today to help you look after your health. However, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the abundance of options on the internet.

Here, I’ve compiled some of the finest nutrition websites, apps, and Youtube channels so that you can stay on top of the latest research and trends.

a. Websites & Blogs

1. Examine.com

Website: Examine.com

Examine.com is a credible source of research-backed nutrition and supplement information.

The researchers gather all the relevant information and studies, then disseminate their findings in layman’s terms. As a result, you don’t have to waste valuable time wading through nutrition misinformation and pseudoscience to make informed health decisions.

Unlike most of the nutrition databases on the web, Examine.com does not endorse supplements, nor does it promote them. Instead, it provides unbiased evidence-based information, and grades the reliability and consistency of any benefits attributed to supplementation, so that users can make an informed decision about their health.

2. The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School Of Public Health

Website: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/

The Nutrition Source provides scientifically-backed diet and nutrition information for healthcare professionals, clinical researchers, and the general public.

The article section offers research-based tips and strategies on how to live and eat healthier, while the recipe section features colourful dishes developed by the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, as well as famous chefs such as Ming Tsai and Mollie Katzen, who have collaborated with Harvard University Dining Services chefs Martin Breslin and Patty Gregory.

With the media culture full of conflicting and often inaccurate advice, you can now turn to The Nutrition Source for objective, unbiased, and independent content, free from industry ties and sponsorship.

3. Recipes | Nutrition.gov

Website: https://www.nutrition.gov/recipes

A healthy diet is a core component of a fitness program, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bland and blah.

These healthy and nutritious recipes will gradually change your eating habits. You’ll increase your intake of quality nutrients and calories while cutting back on junk foods and empty calories.

You’re still eating foods you enjoy and foods that you’re used to so you can maintain your dietary routine while making small changes to the foods you buy at the store, the foods you eat and even how you prepare the foods you eat. All come into play when transitioning from a poor diet to one that delivers the building blocks to build strength and muscle.

By moving steadily towards a healthier diet, your body and your emotions won’t go into shock. In fact, you probably won’t notice any changes at all. But your body will.

4. Shop Smart | MyPlate

Website: https://www.myplate.gov/eat-healthy/healthy-eating-budget/shop-smart

This webpage contains comprehensive information that encompasses many different aspects of a healthy diet, such as meal planning, shopping tips, and time-saving strategies.

A nutritious diet begins at the market. It begins with the foods you buy and bring home with you. It’s also important to keep in mind that healthy, nutrient-rich foods often “become” fattening during the cooking process. As such, how you prepare your meals is just as important as what foods those meals contain.

The practical, useful tips listed on the webpage will improve the quality of your diet without any sacrifice at all. No willpower required. And get this – your meals will taste so much better you’ll never go back to those foods designed for convenience, NOT nutrition.

5. Healthy Lifestyle Diets | EatingWell

Website: https://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/18024/lifestyle-diets/

You’ll find a lot of nutrition programs that provide a detailed, highly-regimented diet – one that’s sure to drive you crazy eating foods you’ve never eaten, weighing your food and referencing that day’s recommended menu.

With these healthy and nutritious recipes designed by food and nutrition experts at EatingWell, you will be able to design a meal plan that adapts to your particular likes and dislikes when it comes to food choices. You eat the foods you like, gradually substituting and transitioning away from empty calories, but still feeling satisfied and avoiding food cravings.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the results show themselves. Your body will feel better and look better when you provide it with healthy, nutrient rich foods in moderate proportions.

6. Grocery Store Layout | Regained Wellness

Website: https://www.regainedwellness.com/supermarket-psychology/

A nutritious diet begins at the market. It begins with the foods you buy and bring home with you.

The layout of a typical supermarket is actually designed to draw you into the food aisles that contain the most unhealthy foods. In fact, there’s a whole science to the layout of the supermarket and all supermarkets employ the same tactics.

This article outlines all the strategies supermarkets employ to get people to buy more of certain types of food. When you have a better understanding of these psychological strategies, you will think twice before tossing in a bag of chocolate-covered peanuts while waiting in line to check out your groceries.

7. 29 Healthy Snacks That Can Help You Lose Weight | Healthline

Website: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/29-healthy-snacks-for-weight-loss

Most of us get hungry during the day. It can come on at any time. And, if you’re working out several times a week, you need more fuel to provide the energy and nutrients required to maintain both good health and to avoid the temptation to indulge in sweets and other empty calories.

That said, most people choose junk foods over healthy foods due to convenience. Instead of eating unhealthy foods that provide little nutrition, why not adapt your diet to include tasty, satisfying foods that pack a lot of nutrition?

So, here’s a list of healthy snacks that will improve your workout performance, increase muscle definition and provide the fuel your body needs to maintain high levels of energy and prevent those hunger pangs.

8. 80+ Budget Friendly Meal Prep Ideas | Budget Bytes

Website: https://www.budgetbytes.com/category/extra-bytes/budget-friendly-meal-prep/

A lot of weight loss diets deprive you of certain foods. To keep clear of these foods takes willpower and constant attention to your diet.

The key component of a successful weight loss plan is to eliminate hunger, increase the intake of nutrients without depriving yourself of your favourite foods.

With 80+ budget friendly meal prep ideas on the list, your taste buds will love these recipes and so will the rest of your body.

And trust me, you won’t miss the unhealthy foods.

9. Portion Distortion | National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute

Website: https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/wecan/eat-right/portion-distortion.htm

Smaller portions of food are one of the easiest ways to lose weight – but they can also be one of the most difficult, given the current trend towards supersized portions. We often overeat unknowingly due to the changes in portion sizes over the years.

So, how do you determine a reasonable portion of food when you see it?

There are two informative and fun quizzes on this webpage where you can test your knowledge of food portions. In addition, you will learn how much physical activity you need to burn off the extra calories provided by today’s portions.

10. Mindful Eating 101 | A Beginner’s Guide

Mindful Eating 101 Screenshot

Website: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/mindful-eating-guide

The philosophy of mindful eating traces its roots to a widespread, centuries-old practice called mindfulness.

In general, it means paying close attention to the food you are consuming. The practice will, however, likely require more than just a few tweaks to your eating habits.

In this informative article, you will discover how you eat is imperative to keep willpower-testing hunger pangs at bay, along with ways to better manage your relationship with food.

11. Top 14 Myths About Food And Nutrition | Washingtonian

Website: https://www.washingtonian.com/2012/03/01/top-14-myths-about-food-and-nutrition/

Think egg yolks are “bad” for you while ground turkey and chicken are “nutritionally superior”? Think again!

Believe it or not, egg yolks are actually a good source of high-quality protein as well as many additional nutrients such as zinc, iron, and vitamin D, while ground turkey and chicken aren’t necessarily the lower-fat option because they could be made with any part of the bird, including the darker, higher-fat portions.

These myths are just a sample of the 14 major food myths debunked in this article by Washingtonian.

As you go through the list, you’ll learn which foods you should shop, stock and eat – and which you should throw away!

12. Eat This Much

Website: https://www.eatthismuch.com/

Eat This Much is a diet generator that creates customized meal plans for you according to your food preferences, budget, and schedule.

Replenish the body to prepare for your next workout with meal plans targeted at building muscle mass, delivering quality nutrients that nourish your mind, increasing strength and improving health and appearance quickly.

In addition, you save money and reduce food waste by simply following the grocery list autogenerated by the tool to get you in better shape than ever before.

13. Sporting Performance And Food | Better Health Channel

Website: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/sporting-performance-and-food

Nutrition and athletic performance are inextricably interconnected.

Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or a sports enthusiast, a nutritious diet is crucial to improving your performance.

By following the guideline outlined in this webpage, you will be able to gain a competitive edge over your competition.

14. “But I Don’t Like Fruit or Vegetables…” | Heart And Stroke Foundation of Canada

Website: https://www.heartandstroke.ca/articles/but-i-dont-like-fruit-or-vegetables

The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are obvious. It is clear that you should eat more of them. But you just couldn’t stomach because they remind you of wet socks and paint thinner?

The health experts from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada detailed numerous interesting strategies to incorporate them as a part of a heart-healthy diet.

All you need is a little bit of creativity in order to find ways to include fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Be innovative and you will be able to change this deep-seated “bad” habit without stress or “superhuman” willpower!

15. Cold Food Storage Chart | U.S. Department Of Health & Human Services

Website: https://www.foodsafety.gov/food-safety-charts/cold-food-storage-charts

Even though refrigeration may seem like a minuscule portion of food preparation, it actually has a huge impact on food safety.

It is very likely that bacteria or other food-borne pathogens will grow due to factors such as the incorrect order of foods on the shelves, the refrigerator’s temperature, and how long the food has been kept in the refrigerator.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has created a handy chart that is available in PDF format for your food storage and handling reference.

16. All About Kitchen Makeovers | Precision Nutrition

Website: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/all-about-kitchen-makeovers

Old habits die hard and eating, for most of us, is a habit. We enjoy foods that taste good. We enjoy the foods we grew up with – that we ate as kids. Changing your diet is hard, and chances are, you’ve tried many times before to lose weight – and fallen short of your goals.

The problem isn’t your lack of willpower. It has nothing to do with your level of self-discipline. The most disciplined human beings in the world wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of the foods they love if they can be found easily in the kitchen.

There’s no doubt that a kitchen makeover will take time and effort, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if it prevents you from touching your favourite foods!

17. How Much Sugar Is In Your Summer Drink? | Harley Street Dental Studio

Website: https://www.harleystreetdentalstudio.com/how-much-sugar-is-in-your-summer-drink/

Walk down the drinks aisle in any supermarket and you will be greeted with hundreds of sweetened beverages, from flavoured juice drinks to carbonated soft drinks. It’s impossible not to crave these attractive, brightly-coloured sugary drinks when they’re beautifully lined up in a row.

Is it some big mystery why obesity, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes are killing us? This so-called food nourishes only our feelings while it destroys our bodies. We drink this stuff as if it were psychological medication – Not knowing the amount of sugar beverages manufacturers managed to squeeze inside a tiny soda can.

Harvey Street Dental Studio reveals the sugar content in some of the most popular packaged beverages – and the results may surprise you.

18. Save Money By Cooking Smarter | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Website: https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/wecan/downloads/tip_saving.pdf

Processed foods may be convenient, but they contain a lot of chemicals disguised in the labelling.

For example, when you see on the food label “natural flavouring” you’ve got no idea what that means. It could be MSG or some other thing you do not want to consume a lot of.

It’s not hard to cook up a couple of day’s worth of meals, put them in the fridge and eat as needed. You know what’s in there and, believe me, you’ll save a lot of money cooking your own food than buying it in some pre-cooked, convenient microwaveable meal.

Skip the processed foods. Make your own.

Your body might not notice the difference. But your wallet certainly will.

19. 30 Healthy School Lunch Ideas | Taste Of Home

Website: https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/healthy-school-lunch-ideas/

Foods sold at school canteen may look healthy, but usually they are laced with hidden, unhealthy foods – secret sauces, lots of oils, fatty meats – stuff that you wouldn’t eat, even if the doctor told you to.

When you’re preparing homemade meals for your children, you’re guaranteed they’re not eating some chemical combo cooked up in some taste lab.

Skip the canteen altogether. You control what goes into your child’s body and that’s a critical part of taking control over their health and appearances.

20. Diet Reviews | The Nutrition Source

Harvard TH Chan Screenshot

Website: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-weight/diet-reviews/

You’ll probably find some diet guru who will tell you to live on protein powder and raw eggs somewhere on the world wide web. Maybe even in the gym where you work out.

Unfortunately, many of these well-meaning “food” experts have bought into the myths spread by food manufacturers who will do just about anything to get you to buy their products – including misleading product labels, TV advertisements that promise good health and misrepresenting the health benefits of their products.

Indeed, the intentions behind giving this advice may be good but the facts BEHIND the advice is based on long-established myths. For example, how many times have you been told to avoid eating carbs when you’re trying to lose weight? It’s pretty standard disinformation in diet and nutrition books. The poor carb has been given a bad reputation by diet book authors and even by professional bodybuilders.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular diets and eating approaches — and see how they stack up.

21. Fattening Foods: Full List Of The Most Notorious Diet Busters Out There | BetterMe

Website: https://betterme.world/articles/fattening-foods/

“Hey, don’t eat that. It’s loaded with calories.”

Most of us don’t have a clue what a calorie is. We think calories are ingredients in the foods we eat. Not so. A calorie is actually a measurement of heat, similar to the degrees on a thermometer.

Think of the body as a furnace. It generates heat simply by living. Foods that are high in calories provide more fuel for the body to burn. However, if you expend less calories than you consume, you gain weight.

Consequently, it only makes sense to steer clear of foods that are full of calories.

To that end, here are the notorious fattening foods you need to pay attention to.

22. Why And How To Start An Elimination Diet | Cleveland Clinic

Website: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/elimination-diet/

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no matter how delicious some foods are (think tacos, Slurpees, candy bars, to name a few), they’re not necessarily the right options for you. When your favourite foods trigger unpleasant symptoms such as flatulence and diarrhea, it might be a sign that they don’t love you as much as you love them.

But how do you know exactly which foods are causing you problems? The answer isn’t always obvious. This is where the elimination diet comes in.

This helpful article from Cleveland Clinic will explain how to start an elimination diet to determine the source of your tummy troubles.

23. Healthy Eating Around The Holidays | Western Washington Medical Group

Website: https://www.wwmedgroup.com/blog/healthy-eating-around-the-holidays/

Festive gatherings, parties and celebrations are a hallmark of the festive season – many of which revolve around food and drink. Although it can be a wonderful time of the year, it also poses challenges for those trying to stay healthy over the holidays.

The good news is that planning ahead and being informed about your choices can mitigate potential issues.

In this post, you’ll learn the common obstacles and pitfalls associated with holiday eating, plus healthy eating tips to help you stay on track throughout the holiday season.

24. The Problems With Clean Eating – Rachael Hartley Nutrition

Website: https://www.rachaelhartleynutrition.com/blog/problems-with-clean-eating

The “clean eating” movement was launched to inspire people to make healthier food choices.

In spite of this, it can foster an unhealthy perspective on weight loss, attempts to hide eating disorders, and encourage food shaming.

Moreover, “clean” diets tend to cut out entire food groups from a meal plan, increasing the likelihood of nutritional deficiencies. This ultimately fails to achieve the diet’s initial, well-intentioned purpose.

In this article, you’ll explore the implications of using this term on your physical and mental health. It also offers a few recommendations to help you start viewing foods in a new, perhaps more positive light.

25. How To Read Food Labels Without Being Tricked | Healthline

Website: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/how-to-read-food-labels

You’ll probably find some strength training guru who will tell you to live on protein powder and raw eggs somewhere on the world wide web. Maybe even in the gym where you work out.

Unfortunately, many of these well-meaning “food” experts have bought into the myths spread by food manufacturers who will do just about anything to get you to buy their products – including misleading product labels, TV advertisements that promise good health and mis-representing the health benefits of their products.

Bottom line: forget what you hear in the gym. Forget the promises and guarantees you see on TV. And definitely forget the “good advice” you receive from your next door neighbour.

In this article, you’ll learn how to read food labels so that you can distinguish between unhealthy foods and those that are good for you.

26. Grilled Meat & Cancer Risk: Healthy BBQ Tips | Cedars-Sinai

Website: https://www.cedars-sinai.org/blog/grilling-cancer-risk.html

Whether you choose ribs or corn, a barbecue is a fast and convenient way to put dinner on the table. However, with media reports suggesting that grilled foods are laden with carcinogens, you might be wondering if it’s still safe to get grilling this summer.

Hetercyclic amines (HCAs), a type of cancer-causing chemical, are produced when meat is cooked at high temperatures, particularly if it has char marks on it. Furthermore, when grease drips into the grill, the resulting flames can coat food with polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), another chemical linked to cancer.

Although there are risks associated with barbecuing, it shouldn’t be a reason for you to give it up. Instead, next time you fire up the grill, consider implementing these tips for healthier meals.

27. 25 Ways To Eat Well On The Go | Precision Nutrition

Website: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/eat-well-on-the-go-infographic

Numerous studies show that change in our lives causes stress. A new job. Selling a house. Getting married. All stressful to one degree or another.

Eating well on the go on top of an already busy schedule can be stressful. A shock to the system. There’s a new routine in place – and some of us have a hard time adapting to new routines.

The good news is that this dilemma can be solved if you’re equipped with the right knowledge.

This infographic reveals 25 ways to stay on track of your nutrition goal, no matter what life throws at you.

28. Super Shake – Precision Nutrition

Website: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/super-shake-creation

You see bottles of ‘fruit juice’ all over the supermarket. And you might be tempted to buy a six pack the next time you go to the store.


That fruit juice has been highly processed, and in many cases, high-fructose corn syrup (a non-nutrient sweetener) has been added. And the label can still read 100% fruit juice.

Instead, learn how to make Super Shakes – an easy-to-make, delicious drink that’s packed with high quality nutrition.

29. Eating When Sick | Precision Nutrition

Website: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/what-to-eat-when-sick

There is always a possibility that you will fall sick no matter how well you take care of your diet, exercise, sleep, and stress. It happens to everyone.

Be honest with yourself and don’t pretend everything is fine.

Instead, follow the steps outlined here to resume your normal routine as quickly as possible.

30. Cuts Of Beef: A Guide To The Leanest Selections – Mayo Clinic

Cuts of Beef Screenshot


There is a widespread notion that red meat should be greatly limited, or completely banned, when it comes to healthy eating. From increased rates of heart-related diseases to diabetes, it is blamed for almost everything.

Believe it or not, leaner cuts of beef can actually be part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation.

Although the tastiest cuts of beef tend to have more fat, lean cuts of beef don’t necessarily lack flavour. This useful guide will help you make the right choice.

31. 50 Healthy Crockpot Recipes | Fit Foodie Finds


Sticking to a healthy, nutritious diet is actually pretty easy once you realize how easy it is to make a week’s worth of meals by just tossing all ingredients into a slow cooker.

Yup, you heard it right – these foods are no big deal to prepare. You can prepare them ahead of schedule, keep them in the refrigerator and heat them up when it’s necessary to fight off hunger.

So, what are you waiting for? Start filling in your grocery list, head to the nearest supermarket, stock up on the necessary ingredients, and cook yourself some heartwarming meals!

32. Types Of Fat: The Good And The Bad | Medical News Today


There are “good” and “bad” fats. Olive oil is rich in nutrients, though high in calories. Trans-fat is toxic. It provides no nutritional value but does a great job of clogging critical arteries that pump blood throughout the body.

Fats are essential to good health. Just consume the right type of fats in moderation. The body does NOT require a pat of butter on your morning toast, for example.

In this article, you can learn more about different types of fats, including which ones are healthiest and which foods contain them.

33. Top 10 Tips for Eating Out – Unlock Food


If there’s one thing that will set you back on any diet plan, it’s dining out. You may watch your caloric intake during the week but then, commonly, you ‘celebrate’ by going out to dinner Friday and Saturday night. Not good.

Sure, you enjoy the occasional “cheat” meal but when you’re constantly eating out in restaurants, it’ll definitely slow the fat loss progress you see (and enjoy). Most restaurant meals are loaded with fat, calories, and simple carbs, which aren’t exactly the best foods to keep fat off the body.

Fortunately, if you pay attention to a few dining “tips” whenever you’re in a restaurant, you can come out with your diet intact. The key is learning how to read the menu and not being afraid to ask for some adjustments.

If you’re too quick to simply order what you see listed on the menu, that’s when you’ll consume more calories than you ever intended.

Here are a few important “dining out” tips to keep in mind the next time you visit your favourite bistro.

34. Anti-Inflammatory Diet: What To Eat (and Avoid) | Cleveland Clinic


An accidental cut to your finger causes it to become red and inflamed. You take a hard fall on your knee and it gets swollen and inflamed. But what happens when your organs get inflamed?

While inflammation can contribute to healing, chronic inflammation can lead to disease processes. Chronic inflammation can damage your vital organs, and it is also linked to many major illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Our food choices – or lack thereof – can reduce or worsen that inflammation. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the health benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, how to get started, what to eliminate from your diet, and how to determine if you’re on the right track.

35. 5 Foods Which May Be Healthier Eaten Raw – Le Cordon Bleu


Not all foods are made to be eaten raw. However, for those that do, it’s advisable to consume them as close to their natural state as possible.

With each step in processing food, valuable nutrients are lost, so you can imagine how much nutritional value is lost on those highly-refined convenience foods you pop into the microwave.

A fresh apple, for example – in its less-processed state – delivers more nutritional value than a glass of apple juice that’s been pressed, squeezed, boiled and bottled.

Here are five foods you should try uncooked.

36. Easy Hacks To Pick Perfect Produce Every Time | Eat This, Not That


As soon as food is harvested it begins to lose nutritional value.

For example, an orange picked right from the tree will deliver higher levels of vitamin C than an orange that’s been sitting on the warehouse loading dock for a week. The two may look the same, but that week-old orange will deliver lower levels of nutritional value than the fresh picked orange.

Foods purchased directly from the grower, at a farmers’ market, for example, tend to be fresher than foods purchased at the supermarket. And as an extra, added bonus, those fresh foods purchased at the open air market are going to taste a whole lot better, too. They were picked that morning!! And you can taste the difference with one bite.

Follow these tips and tricks for hunting the freshest fruits and vegetables, and you’ll bring home the best produce every time.

37. Breakfast Cereals Ranked Best To Worst | BHF


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but you have to be careful. The breakfast food aisle is a caloric minefield.

A lot of prepared breakfast cereals tout themselves as healthy foods. They have nuts and whole grains and dried fruit and a bunch of other stuff that leads you to think this stuff is healthy.

It’s not. A lot of these so-called healthy breakfast cereals are loaded with empty calories. They contain refined white sugar (pure poison), honey (so-so), brown sugar (not good) and other sweeteners.

From best to worst, British Heart Foundation ranked the most popular cereals based on their nutritional value – particularly in terms of added sugar, fibre, salt. Read on to start your day right with a heart-healthy breakfast.

38. Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls with Toppings | Modern Honey


Plain yogurt is good for you. Vanilla yogurt is okay. But that stuff with the fruit at the bottom that you stir up to make a so-called healthy snack? Forget it.

That fruit is sweetened with sugar and too much of it can be detrimental to your health.

Eat low-fat or no-fat plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit. It’ll taste better and actually deliver some real nutrition – vitamins, minerals and a dose of calcium – all good stuff.

Here’s a wide variety of unique and creative yogurt bowl combinations that will leave you wanting more.

39. The Best Antioxidant Foods: List And Benefits | Medical News Today


Nutrition plays a big role in your overall wellbeing. You expect the foods you eat to deliver essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils – the whole menu of beneficial elements found in healthy, good-tasting foods.

However, in addition to the well-known nutrients found in quality foods, strength trainers should also include more foods that deliver a defense against free radicals – anti-oxidants.

Medical News Today has curated a list of healthy foods that you can consume to boost the level of antioxidants in your body, starting today.

40. Tips to Reduce Drinking | Alcohol.Think Again

Alcohol.Think Again Screenshot

Website: https://alcoholthinkagain.com.au/alcohol-your-health/tips-to-reduce-drinking/

Alcohol is high in calories. It also slows the body’s metabolism – a double whammy. You consume more calories while slowing the rate at which the body burns calories.

If your routine includes a glass of Merlot with dinner, enjoy. It’s not worth the psychic energy expended to deny yourself that glass of wine each night. Your willpower gives out at some point.

However, if you can consume less – say reduce the amount of wine you have with dinner by half – you’ll still enjoy a nice glass of wine, you won’t disrupt your existing eating routines but you will improve your health and maintain your metabolic rate at its peak throughout the day.

If you wish to cut back on your drinking but need some guidance on how to get started, here are a few tips to help you reduce your alcohol consumption.

41. Water: How Much Should You Drink Every Day? | Mayo Clinic

Website: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/water/art-20044256

Keeping your body well-hydrated is important.

Water, while not considered a nutrient, is essential to the maintenance of good health. The human body is mostly water – an element that has to be replaced each day.

Are you drinking enough water each day? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question.

There is no one size fits all formula. That said, you can estimate how much water you need on a daily basis by learning more about your body’s fluid requirement.

Find out how much you need to stay hydrated in this article by Mayo Clinic.

42. 22 Metabolism-Boosting Foods for Faster Weight Loss | Prevention

Website: https://www.prevention.com/food-nutrition/healthy-eating/g20504581/18-metabolism-boosting-foods/

Getting lean requires boosting your body’s metabolic rate – the rate at which it burns calories throughout the day – long after your workout is over.

By increasing your body’s metabolic rate you burn more calories because the body automatically goes into “work mode,” preparing itself for a day of hard physical labour.

So, even as you sit at your desk, or stretch out in front of the TV, your body continues to burn calories at a higher rate even though you finished your workout five hours ago. You want the rate at which your body burns calories to increase.

Here are 22 foods to get your engine revving all through the day.

43. The Top 7 Most Common Diet Mistakes – Cooking Channel

Website: https://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/packages/fresh-start-healthy-eating/healthy-foods-and-healthy-diet-ideas/photos/common-diet-mistakes

As you begin your weight loss program, it’s vital that you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make.

Sometimes, one little error costs in terms of results so pay attention to these tips to ensure you start with a solid foundation.

Here are 7 common mistakes that slow your progress and make your meal plans less effective.

44. How to Quit Caffeine without Becoming a Miserable Person | Bon Appetit

Website: https://www.bonappetit.com/story/how-to-quit-caffeine

“You are what you eat,” or so goes the old saying.

If you’re living on a diet of coffee, you’re probably bouncing off the ceiling and crazy stressed. You may even experience panic attacks – episodes of fear and panic that may quickly consume the ability to enjoy large groups.

Too much caffeine will jolt the system and may jangle the nerves, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your favourite Americano altogether.

Now, you think it’s hard to reduce your dependence on coffee? Well, you will make changes but, if you make them over time and gradually alter your diet for the better, you won’t experience the withdrawal symptoms of going cold turkey from your current diet.

To get you started and to show you how simple it is to make changes, here are some simple suggestions anyone can follow without experiencing the pangs of withdrawal.

45. 10 Simple Food Substitutions for Healthy Eating | My Food Story

Website: https://myfoodstory.com/healthy-food-substitutions/

Truth be told, it’s not easy to eat healthy all the time. We get it. It’s easier to give up than to persevere when cookies and cupcakes are so tempting.

This is largely due to the fact that we make healthy eating more difficult than it needs to be. Rather than feeling like you have to toss everything you love into the rubbish bin, what if you decided to replace them with a healthier substitute that tastes just like it? That would be a more practical approach than attempting cold turkey.

You’ll be surprised at the number of options available if you choose to be creative. Best of all? You won’t be able to tell the difference most of the time.

Let’s take a look at 10 of them.

46. Need Protein? Here Are 9 Amino Acids Found Abundantly In Plants | One Green Planet

Website: https://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/need-protein-amino-acids-found-abundantly-in-plants/

Protein is made up of chemicals called amino acids. Animal protein (meat from chicken or beef) has what’s called complete protein (i.e. protein that contains all of the amino acids the body requires).

Protein can also be found in foods like dried peas and beans. However, not all plants contain all the essential amino acids.

One Green Planet has compiled a list of the 9 essential amino acids and which plant-based food you should consume to ensure optimal health.

47. How To Make Oatmeal + Healthy Toppings | Downshiftology

Website: https://downshiftology.com/recipes/best-oatmeal-recipe/

Oatmeal is not only good nutrition, it’s also filling. And you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

That said, a plain bowl of oatmeal can be pretty boring – even to the most dedicated lifter, so why not be creative and add a bit of variety to your bowl of oatmeal?

Your taste buds will love it and so will the rest of your body.

48. Budget-Friendly Dishes For People In Need Of High Protein | Allwomenstalk

Website: https://food.allwomenstalk.com/budget-friendly-dishes-for-people-in-need-of-high-protein/

Indeed, healthy food delivery service is expensive, but you can whip up your own high-protein meal for less than the cost of a delivery order.

Eliminate those expensive, prepared foods that have cooked out all the nutritional value, and use the money you save at the market buying fresh and preparing your own meals.

Money – or the lack thereof – is not an excuse to avoid eating healthy.

You just have to want it badly enough.

49. How to Design Your Ideal Diet | The Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Website: https://www.culinarynutrition.com/how-to-design-your-ideal-diet/

The Academy of Culinary Nutrition has a helpful article that guides you to design a program of good nutrition that you can live with for life.

The more you know about the foods you eat, the better foods you eat. It’s that simple.

And the academy keeps it simple. No extreme dieting. No hunger pangs. No loss of nutrition. Plus more energy all day long.

50. Poke Bowl | Just One Cookbook

Poke Bowl Recipe Screenshot

Website: https://www.justonecookbook.com/poke-bowl/

Poke is a healthy, convenient and delicious dish to prepare on a lazy summer day when you don’t feel like cooking. It does not require lighting your stove or turning on the oven. How could you not love it?

Since sashimi is served cold, it is the ideal meal to keep you cool under the scorching heat of the sun. Poke bowls are light, nutrient-dense, and loaded with protein.

In Japan, sesame oil is traditionally believed to stimulate appetite and nutty flavours enhance the taste of the poke seasoning.

51. 25 Good Carb Recipes Your Diet Needs | Taste

Website: https://www.taste.com.au/galleries/25-good-carb-recipes-diet-needs/6e3rxl7a

Man, carbs have been given a bad rap.

Potatoes for example, are a healthy source of carbohydrates, and they can be converted by the body into instant body fuel when needed.

So, if you eat a baked potato, a high-carb food – your body will use those carbs to fuel itself and store whatever excess it doesn’t need as fat.

Carbs are not your enemy – the key is to consume carbs that are satisfying, nutritious and prepared in a way that’s good for you, and these recipes are full of good carbs that nutrition experts would like all of us to have more of.

52. Best Keto-Friendly Sauces & Condiments | The Low Carb Grocery

Website: https://www.thelowcarbgrocery.com/low-carb-lifestyle-blog/low-carb-basics/low-carb-keto-condiments-sauces

A lean piece of chicken contains lots of protein, very little fat and plenty of nutrition. However, add some sugar-packed barbeque sauce to that chicken breast and you’ve turned a lean, mean, protein-packed meal into a calorie dense meal.

In other words, that barbeque sauce may taste good but it doesn’t improve your strength levels, your stamina or your overall good health.

That said, you can improve your diet without any sacrifice at all by stocking up on keto-friendly dressings and condiments. In addition to that, you can also learn how to make your own custom flavours that taste better than store bought!

53. Scheduled Eating – Why It’s Beneficial And How To Start | Center For Healthy Eating And Activity Research

Website: https://chear.ucsd.edu/blog/scheduled-eating-why-its-beneficial-and-how-to-start

Who says you need to eat a big breakfast, a big lunch and a big dinner? Sure, that might be your routine but the fact is you’re better off eating smaller amounts, more frequently during the day.

It’s a good way to keep you satisfied throughout the day. No longer will you suffer from late night binge eating.

Sounds hard? It’s not.

In just a few weeks this will become your new routine, your new eating regimen. (And you’ll wonder how you ever got a good night’s sleep with a full stomach.)

54. The Best Diet: Quality Counts

Website: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-weight/best-diet-quality-counts/

‘A calorie is a calorie’ is a widely repeated dietary maxim, and not overeating is a crucial part of weight loss.

Rather than focusing solely on calories, however, new research indicates that we should also consider high-quality whole foods instead of choosing foods based solely on their caloric value in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

It’s recommended to shoot for a diet that’s made up of mostly unprocessed, as-near-to-nature-as-possible foods. It really isn’t that hard if you think ahead. And your food will simply taste better than that highly salted, loaded-with-chemicals, microwave burrito you’re thinking about.

Keep that junk out of the house.

55. Whole Grains 101 | The Whole Grains Council

Website: https://wholegrainscouncil.org/whole-grains-101

The consumption of quality carbs actually provides increased levels of energy required to burn calories and lose weight. In other words, eating actually increases your metabolic rate – as long as you eat foods that are low in fat.

Whole wheat bread, pasta, wild rice – all of these deliver actual nutritional benefits. These foods fill you up, provide lots of fuel to keep you energized and actually boost your metabolic rate.

Bleached flour, used in baking white bread, or rice that’s had the nutrient-rich outer husk removed may provide body fuel, but they don’t do a thing for that marvellous machine you’re building.

56. Food Science & Nutrition | Wiley Online Library

Website: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/20487177

Smart people never stop learning new things. They’re naturally curious and self-improvement is simply a part of their routine. NP, all you big, juicy brains.

Food Science & Nutrition saves you a trip to the brick and mortar library downtown. This journal disseminates scientific research to its audiences, saving them the time (or let’s be real, the expertise) to interpret the findings all on their own.

Highly recommended and 100% bookmarkworthy.

57. Cooking School | Kitchn

Website: https://www.thekitchn.com/collection/cooking-school

Kitchn Cooking School is the perfect learning tool for people who view boiling water as a kitchen challenge.

There are a total of 20 quick lessons that you can take on this website.

If you’re all thumbs in the kitchen, bookmark this site and surprise guests with some baked turkey, delectable desserts and glorious salads the next time they come for dinner. Yummm.

58. Free 7-day Easy Vegan Meal Plan! | It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Website: https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/free-7-day-easy-vegan-meal-plan/

A free fix for Vegan folks without much time on their hands.

You will find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert in this free 7-day easy vegan meal plan.

Moreover, the ingredients can be easily located at your local grocery store, and the recipes are quick to prepare.

Feel free to try ’em out!

59. How To Velvet Chicken For Stir-Fry – The Woks Of Life

Website: https://thewoksoflife.com/how-to-velvet-chicken-stir-fry/

Have you ever stir-fried chicken, only to have it appear (and taste) rubbery when it is done? Wondering how Chinese restaurants keep their chicken so moist and tender?

Velveting is the key! It’s a crucial step when preparing chicken breast for stir-frying, as the marinade helps retain moisture and flavour in the poultry and gives it that silky touch.

Your stir-fried chicken may look like an ordinary dish, but it surely won’t taste like one.

In this post, you will learn this restaurant trade secret to elevate your stir-frying skill.

60. 35 Best Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Energize Your Mornings | Good Housekeeping

Smoothie Recipes Screenshot

Website: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food-recipes/healthy/g4060/healthy-smoothie-recipes/

A healthy smoothie?

Yep, it’s easy. And you’ll feel as though you’re treating yourself to something special. You are. Healthy body fuel.

These healthy smoothie recipes will fill you up and help you stay energized for the day.

Drink your shake slowly and enjoy every sip. It’s good for you and you’ll feel like you’re cheating, but you aren’t.

b. Fitness Apps

61. Lifesum



People fail to see results with their weight loss efforts simply because they’re using a program that is nutritionally unsound.

Cut out entire food groups? Not a wise move. Go all day long without eating only to gorge at night? Also a bad dietary decision.

While there are different types of diets you can use, you need to find a plan that you are able to live with in real life. If the diet you’re considering places unrealistic demands or restrictions on what you eat, it’s only a matter of time before you give up on losing weight.

Lifesum lets you select the diet plan that is best suited to your lifestyle and diet preferences. In addition, there are many meal plans and easy-to-cook recipes that can help you get started.

62. Eat Right Now



While calorie counting is a critical aspect of any weight loss program, the idea of weighing and measuring the amount of food you eat day in, day out might drive you crazy.

If that’s the case, why not consider using a mindful food journaling app to change your eating habits instead?

The mindful eating approach is all about thinking before you eat and gradually cutting down the amount of food you consume.

63. Paprika Recipe Manager



Paprika is designed with your convenience in mind – Its Cloud Sync feature allows you to sync your recipes, shopping lists, and meal plans across all of your devices, so you always have your recipes at your fingertips.

Now you can cook on your tablet, manage your recipes on your computer, and shop for groceries on your phone.

And as you improve your cooking skills, you’ll start to SEE the results you’re after – six-pack abs, a shrinking waistline, improved strength and other physiological benefits.

64. RR: Eating Disorder Management



People who are suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and overeating often have inappropriate or inaccurate body images, believing that they’re “too fat” even as they starve themselves to death. And indeed, anorexia can lead to death if not treated by a trained professional.

Fortunately, Recovery Record is here to help alleviate the painful symptoms while developing new habits and routines that improve health.

You will learn how to develop helpful coping strategies, create nutritious meal plans, and link up with professional clinicians to recover from eating disorders.

65. Fooducate



Fooducate tries to be all things to all users, offering a smorgasbord of tools and features to help you lose weight.

It is like having a personal nutritionist on speed dial – With the app, you can scan an item’s barcode to get a personalized nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D), learn about product pros and cons, and substitute healthy alternatives for fatty snacks and empty calorie meals – healthy foods you’ll actually enjoy.

No more sleazy tricks by unscrupulous food manufacturers!

66. Ate Food Journal



There’re so many free applications available on the W3 – strong apps that rival the high-priced software you don’t really need, and Ate is one of them.

It differs from most nutrition apps by placing less emphasis on counting calories and more emphasis on mindful eating.

After all, with all the temptations in our lives, it’s tough not to eat mindlessly. And oftentimes, we don’t even recall what and why we ate.

Nothing demonstrates your progress like a series of photographs, and Ate was conceived with this purpose in mind.

The pictures that you have taken don’t play mind games. You can look at your meals and continue on the pathway to life-long good health, or you can see your lack of progress and tweak your diet, even though you are up a notch on your belt.

These photos will keep you accountable for years – guaranteed! You won’t ever want to go back to the bad old days.

67. Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes



No one has the willpower to plan each meal and count every calorie from scratch. Life doesn’t work that way. Neither does human nature. We all have long-established routines that define our lives, our self-images and the things we value.

That said, good health isn’t difficult to achieve when you have an intuitive meal planning app that does all the unpleasant work for you.

Mealime delivers the tools and the framework you need to create and personalize your meal plan to fit your taste buds and lifestyle.

It also takes the sting out of organizing your grocery lists as it adds ingredients automatically from different recipes when you build a new meal plan.

68. Plant Jammer



If you’re like most people, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything that needs doing done. There’s always one more chore. You forget your anniversary. You miss an important conference call. Let alone finding the time to empty your fridge and use up all the food before it expires.

However, if you take just a few seconds to download a recipe app that teaches you how to cook a new cuisine using exactly what’s left in your fridge, you will be able to reduce food waste and eat healthily, even with a busy schedule.

This outstanding AI-powered app makes it easy to eat healthily with the ingredients at your disposal. Never again will you have to toss unused ingredients into the bin!

69. Anova Culinary



Professional chefs have been using sous vide for decades to ensure food is cooked to the desired doneness.

With this simple technique, you can guarantee perfection every time you cook. No more overcooked, dried out food!

Anova app contains thousands of flavoursome sous vide recipes, thoughtfully designed for cooks of every culinary level by award-winning chefs.

70. NYT Cooking

NYT Cooking Screenshot



The site for recipe lovers, NYT Cooking is user friendly, offering a slew of recipes with broad categories including pasta, vegetarians and a bunch more.

You can set filters to conduct personalized searches and it also provides a Recipe Box so you can save your favourite recipes on NYT and view them on the same page.

In addition to that, NYT Cooking also allows you to add your own favourite URLs from other websites into the same recipe section. Talk about convenience!

71. Fasting – Intermittent Fasting



This Intermittent Fasting app will help you establish a new healthy lifestyle. With this app, you will lose weight effectively without resorting to extreme dieting.

Kickstart your weight loss journey with one of the science-backed fasting plans, or customize your own fasting and eating period to fit your everyday schedule.

Once you have chosen your desired IF plan, the timer starts running in the background so it doesn’t interfere with your daily workload. Until you need it.

72. My Recipe Box : RecetteTek



RecetteTek is a digital cookbook for all foodies out there.

There is a helpful search engine that scours the internet for cooking recipes, and you can utilize one of the many filters (categories, ingredients, tags, and favourites) to organize your recipes easily.

Not sure what to cook for the week? With one shake of your phone, you will be presented with delicious recipes that will keep you occupied all week long.

73. Budget Bytes



You’ll find simple, affordable recipes that can be used in your own kitchen, demonstrating the valuable resources the W3 delivers – even to budget eaters.

This one is highly recommended because it includes audio instructions and step-by-step photography from the cookbook author herself. Furthermore, she will personally demonstrate each recipe as you cook.

Using this app, you no longer have to settle for pizzas and instant noodles every night.

Now, who says you need to spend a fortune to eat well?

74. Forks Plant-Based Recipes



You’ll find over 600 savoury and delectable meals created by 50 of the industry’s top chefs, with more recipes added every week!

These plant-based recipes are exactly what a growing number of health professionals advocates. In addition to fighting diseases, it can even reverse chronic conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

As you select your preferred recipe to prepare, you will be presented with a summary of the dish, ingredients, and preparation method. Most important of all, the ingredients can be converted into a grocery list immediately, so you will know what you need to buy to prepare the dish.

And that just makes grocery shopping and food preparation much easier and enjoyable.

75. Oh She Glows



Angela Liddon, author of New York Times bestselling cookbook and highly popular recipe blog Oh She Glows, dishes out (pun intended) her most popular recipes with captivating, vibrant photography.

Her recipes were well-received by her friends, family, and recipe testers for the past decade or so, and that’s why you can be sure that even the biggest skeptics will be won over by these healthy, veggie-packed recipes.

This healthy recipe app is sure to keep you glowing from the inside out and inspired to spend more time in the kitchen!

76. 101 Juice Recipes



Have you been looking for some fresh juice recipes? You’ll find 101 delicious, easy-to-make recipes in this app.

Whether you’re looking for creative, healthy juice recipes, or hoping to prevent health issues by consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juice, Joe has selected 101 of his favourite juice recipes to keep you fueled with plant-based energy.

There’s also a very helpful Substitution Chart that allows you to substitute as your personal tastes dictate.

77. Food Sense Guide


Food Sense Guide helps you identify potential food sensitivities and minimize food reactions.

You can create a wide range of lists, from moderately reactive foods to those that are an absolute no-no. It’s an absolute gem for someone trying to figure out their diet for the first time or just for those who like to keep track of what they eat.

It eliminates all worry and guesswork, which is a godsend as all of this would be exhausting if you tried to figure it out on your own.

78. Mela – Recipe Manager


Mela is a well-crafted and intuitive recipe and cooking app.

Let’s say you find an interesting recipe. In the past, you might have written it down manually in your journal. Mela simplifies the process by allowing you to extract text from an image and save it as a recipe. In the age of digitalization, this is one tool you want to keep on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Better yet, it does an excellent job of scraping and summarizing a usable recipe from a lengthy recipe page filled with personal backstory and unnecessary words, and the end result is incredibly accurate.

79. Nom Nom Paleo


The human body was built for whole, unprocessed foods such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables – a throwback to our hunter-gatherer ancestors squatting in caves.

And, it’s good for you. After all, your body is not meant to consume foods that have been processed beyond recognition.

Having learnt about the Paleo diet, Michelle decided to completely eliminate processed foods masquerading as health foods, and documented her journey on Nom Nom Paleo.

What started as a personal blog has since evolved into a Paleo website that delivers innovative recipes with a pinch of personality on the side.

80. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal Screenshot



As you begin a weight loss program, it is vital that you track your calorie intake and make appropriate dietary changes as needed.

Failure to track your macros and you’ll waste weeks, maybe even months on a diet plan that isn’t working. Some people plateau and keep going, hoping that results will finally come. Unfortunately, that’s never the case.

MyFitnessPal is a fitness app that allows you to track your diet and exercise. In order to track your nutrient intake accurately, you can either scan food barcodes or manually find them in the app’s extensive database.

Track your progress. It’ll keep you on track.

c. Videos

81. Fit Men Cook

Youtube Channel:

FitMenCook creator Kevin Curry shares delicious, convenient meal prep recipes that will save you time and money while helping you achieve optimal health on your own terms.

Rather than worrying about what we eat and how it impacts our bodies, Kevin firmly believes that we should embrace ‘food freedom’ – the freedom to prepare tasty meals while being mindful of calories; freedom to indulge occasionally without going overboard; and freedom to achieve health and wellness goals without overspending.

You will learn everything you need to live your life to the fullest – from mental health and creative recipes – as well as his personal experience on running a successful business.

82. HealthNut Nutrition

Youtube Channel:

Nikole is a fitness enthusiast who encourages her viewers to lead a healthy lifestyle by demonstrating how easy it is to prepare mouthwatering dishes on your own.

Her “healthified” versions of delectable dishes will tantalize your taste buds and show you that healthy eating need not be tasteless or boring!

Stay tuned every week for scrumptious recipes!

83. Simnett Nutrition

Youtube Channel:

Derek is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner who specializes in vegan nutrition. He aims to inspire his audience to reach their health and wellness goals through high-quality, nutrient-dense plant-based recipes.

It all started when he found the majority of recipes on the Internet were either boring or contained items he couldn’t easily find at his local grocery store.

Since then, he has experimented with vegan recipes in the kitchen, hoping to get his viewers out of a cooking rut with inexpensive and innovative recipes.

84. Lucy Lismore Fitness

Youtube Channel:

Lucy is a certified personal trainer and online fitness coach who specializes in calisthenics and weight loss for beginners.

Having lost 30kgs over the past few years, she draws upon her own experiences as a weight loss expert to provide a simplified fat loss approach in the increasingly complex world of health and fitness.

Her goal is not only to train you, but to motivate you, provide you with the necessary support, and help you achieve your goals because she realizes how hard it is to lose weight on your own.

85. Clean & Delicious

Youtube Channel:

As a holistic wellness coach, Dani is dedicated to helping you make your journey to health, wellness, and weight loss as enjoyable as possible.

She aims to put you back in charge of your body and health. This means getting rid of the rigid dieting approach associated with conventional wisdom and learning to love foods again.

Her no-frills cooking videos will help you navigate the nutritional minefield so that you can eat simple, tasty, nourishing foods that will naturally support your health and wellness.

86. Meal Prep Mondays

Youtube Channel:

The best way to ensure you eat healthy all the time is to plan and prepare your meals in advance. When you have limited time, preparing nutritious, balanced meals can be a challenge. In addition, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to cook and eat every week.

Meal Prep Mondays is where you can find simple yet affordable meal prep recipes to help you achieve your health goals on a budget.

You’ll be able to prepare a week’s worth of wholesome, balanced dishes in just a few hours by following their flavourful recipes and simple meal plans.

87. Sanne Vloet

Youtube Channel:

Sanne Vloet is a Victoria’s Secret fashion model hailing from the Netherlands. For the past few years she has been traveling, cooking, and modeling around the world.

She has built her channel to be a positive place where everyone can see what goes on behind the scenes of the runway shows, and what she eats every day as a model to maintain a slim figure.

Apart from that, you will also find videos about her health and fitness journeys, workout routines, and her personal life. You’ll enjoy watching her videos here if you want to have a good time.

88. Good Eatings

Youtube Channel:

Good Eatings is where you’ll find wholesome, aesthetically pleasing plant-based recipes brought to you with love by Swedish content creator Malin.

Additionally, her partner, Rob, is also a vegan who advocates eating meals raw or lightly cooked to get the most out of them.

And believe me, your food will taste better then it ever did before.

You’ll be back. A lot.

89. Jess Beautician

Youtube Channel:

Jessica is a woman of many talents.

A professional beauty therapist by trade, she also shares her knowledge and passion for cooking through her tutorials on Youtube.

Even though some of her recipes may be a bit lengthy, she explains everything in detail and she also provides step-by-step instructions in the description box of the video.

90. Fabulous50s

Fabulous50s Screenshot

Youtube Channel:

Schellea Fowler is an upbeat lady who is enthusiastic about beauty, health, and happiness.

She has created fabulous50s as the platform for women of her age to get inspired, motivated and grateful about their lives.

Her channel offers health and nutrition advice, fitness and well-being information, beauty advice and fashion information – The holistic lifestyle channel aims to be of service to all.

91. Dr. Eric Berg, DC

Youtube Channel:

Dr. Eric Berg, DC is an experienced chiropractor and wellbeing expert who specializes in keto and intermittent fasting.

For the past 30 years, he has been helping people transform their health and lose weight through lectures, workshops, seminars, and conferences.

He also has written several best-selling books on topics of weight loss and keto, been published widely in many reputable magazines, and appeared on countless radio and television shows.

92. Thomas DeLauer

Youtube Channel:

Thomas DeLauer is known for helping busy individuals modifying their diets and lifestyles to live healthier and be more productive at work.

Having worked in the healthcare space his entire career, Thomas brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, and his videos are thoroughly researched by a remarkable team of subject matter experts who can back everything he says with science and evidence.

He’s also written for some of the most well-known fitness publications in the world, namely Bodybuilding.com, Muscle & Fitness, and Fitness Rx.

93. High Carb Hannah

Youtube Channel:

Hannah Howlett has lost over 30 kilograms by consuming a lot of whole foods, fruits and vegetables.

Now, she has decided to share her list of healthy recipes that are low in dietary fat, sodium and refined sugar to help those who face the same struggle as her.

Hannah also makes videos on topics such as the power of positive thinking, self-love, and relationship building to inspire and motivate her audience.

94. Healthy Eating

Youtube Channel:

As a leader in nutrition education, Dairy Council of California offers free educational materials to improve the health of children and families.

The content of their videos is developed by registered dietitians and educators. Therefore, you can be assured that the videos are of the highest quality.

You will find videos that answer commonly asked questions about healthy eating, as well as classroom materials for their free nutrition lesson plans.

95. The Domestic Geek

Youtube Channel:

Sara Lynn is a Canadian Youtuber who’s famous for her creative, exciting, no-fuss style of cooking.

Her cooking recipes don’t call for fancy, difficult-to-pronounce ingredients, so viewers won’t have to make a visit to the nearest health food store to get their ingredients.

She also teaches her audience how to master basic cooking skills while providing plenty of variations to spice things up.

96. The Protein Chef

Youtube Channel:

Fitness is a lifetime avocation, a beneficial hobby and a life altering event.

As such, it’s vital that you have access to quality recipes for increased strength, improved health and that extra motivation to push yourself to the max – safely.

Once you become a follower of The Protein Chef, it’s like having your own personal chef working with you from your first post-workout meal and for the rest of a healthier, happier life.

97. Mind Over Munch

Youtube Channel:

Mind Over Munch delivers solid, sound, healthy advice from an experienced health coach who does this for a living.

As a subscriber of the channel, you will have access to all the information you need to gain traction quickly, see results quickly and feel better about yourself on day one.

You have nothing to lose except stored body fat, aching joints, sore muscles and that daily fatigue – the mid-afternoon blahs.

98. Felu – Fit by Cooking

Youtube Channel:

There’s more to fitness than exercising. Without the right foods to fuel the body through increasingly more beneficial workouts, the time you spend lifting isn’t as effective as it could or should be.

Replenish your body to prepare for your next workout with foods targeted at building muscle mass, delivering quality nutrients that define and shape muscles, increasing strength and improving health and appearance quickly.

Unlike other Youtube cooking channels, Felu – Fit by Cooking emphasizes the importance of quality foods intake with lower calorie versions of your favourite recipes. This channel will change the way you eat, the way you look and the way you live.

99. Jeff Nippard

Youtube Channel:

Weight lifters and strength builders know the importance of food to the success of any exercise program.

They just don’t know a lot.

There’s a lot of food mythology among lifters – stuff you’ll hear at the gym or from your friends who lift. A lot of this stuff even ends up being printed as fact in magazines targeted at enthusiasts so you have to be careful.

You need nutrition facts, not fiction. No gym rat mythology. Just the straight facts about the the importance of a sound diet (one you can live with) and the means to stay motivated.

And Jeff Nippard delivers just that.

You’re going to like the way you look and feel – every day of a long healthy life.

100. Primal Kitchen

Youtube Channel:

Most of the foods you eat each day should be whole, unprocessed foods – foods you buy at the market and prepare yourself. The convenience foods aisle at the supermarket is lined with microwaveable foods that make life simple but your waistline thicker.

Whole, unprocessed foods are meant to be a part of our diets so no shock to the system. You get nutrients AND you feel fuller.

At Primal Kitchen, you will find cooking tutorials and recipe videos that transform an otherwise bland meal into something that you look forward to each day.

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