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Hi, my name is Edward, and I’m excited to share with you my very own weight-loss strategies to stay in great shape all year round while working a 40+ hours office job.

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Hi, I’m Edward

… And I know how it feels like when that layer of stubborn belly fat refuses to leave your midsection for years, no matter how hard you tried to get rid of it.

Even though that was years ago, the memory is still fresh in my mind.

I have finally gotten the six-pack abs I always thought were impossible, but it didn’t happen overnight.

I’ve struggled. Had mood swings because I thought the only way to lose weight was to starve myself. Developed an eating disorder while I was on a rigid diet regimen. And I couldn’t see the light at end of the tunnel…

… Until I realized what I really need are weight loss and nutrition advice that was based on real-life – with realistic goals, sound principles of healthy nutrition, and workable with a busy lifestyle – and that’s what inspired the creation of this blog.

Rest assured, every single piece of advice given on this blog is tried-and-true, as it’s based on my own life where I need to balance my physique goals with a demanding corporate job and social life.

Wondering where to start? I’ve picked the Readers’ Favourite for you right below.

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