Terms of Service

Effective Date: 23rd December 2022.

By reading these Terms of Service (TOS) you agree to the following terms and conditions that apply to the use of the 100kcals website, the materials downloaded or purchased from this website, and used by you and others with whom you share this information.


The following terminology applies to the Terms of Service and Conditions for Use that apply throughout this document: Terms and Conditions apply to Terms of Service, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notification; Client refers to you and those with whom you share the information offered on this web site in all documents you choose to download or purchase from this web site; Shred It, 100kcals, We, Us, Our and Ourselves refers specifically to 100kcals, the 100kcals web site and Shred It materials delivered from this web site at your request; all TOS refer to any and all offers made by 100kcals, its owners and affiliates; payment refers to financial payments received by 100kcals from you and processed by 100kcals to the satisfaction of 100kcals’s owners, authors and management; terms such as he/she/they, whether capitalized, singular or plural are interchangeable and reference the specific entities to which they proceed.

Privacy Statement

100kcals maintains a separate set of conditions and terms regarding your privacy and the protection of information provided to 100kcals by you during the course of any and all transactions between you and 100kcals. Click here to review 100kcal’s Privacy Statement.


The information contained on this web site and in all documentation downloaded by you from the 100kcals website is provided on an “as is” basis. This information is used by you at your own risk. 100kcals is not liable for any injuries, damages or harm caused by the use or dissemination of this information.

We strongly recommend that you obtain a doctor’s permission before undertaking the Shred It weight loss program for your protection and safety. 100kcals will not be held liable for any damages caused by you or those with whom you share this information. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in good physical health to undertake the Shred It program and to apply the concepts and undertake the activities described in the Shred It course.

You indemnify the owners, authors and affiliates of the Shred It program from all damages and harm caused by the use of the information contained in all Shred It modules whether that information appears on the 100kcals website or is downloaded from the 100kcals web site; affiliate sites of Shred It and 100kcals owners.


You agree to make payment for the information provided by 100kcals. This payment may be made through credit card or other payment gateways as deemed appropriate and approved by 100kcals.

We reserve the right to recover any and all monies deemed unpaid to 100kcals including charges to a credit card. In the event that payments remain uncollected, 100kcals reserves the right to seek proper payment through small claims court. All court fees associated with the remediation of non-payment shall be incurred by you.

Terms of Cancellation

Due to the nature of a digital product, no refunds will be offered for online course that has been purchased or services deemed to have begun.


The 100kcals website and the information contained therein shall be available to you as needed or desired. The owner can not be held liable for technical problems that prevent you from accessing information, downloading information or utilizing information made available through 100kcals.com.

Information Gathering

100kcals maintains the right to gather information, track users’ movements and collect, collate and utilize broad demographic data for use in improving site performance and more efficiently providing services to you and to those with whom you share the information provided by 100kcals. It is further agreed that this information will not be used, sold, given or exchanged with other companies, websites and business entities anywhere in the world for whatever purpose. This information will only be used to improve the delivery of services to the client and/or purchaser of Shred It Body Transformation Package.

Website Links

Opinions expressed or information provided by third-party sites is not, in any way, approved or guaranteed accurate as read, used, disseminated or otherwise employed by the reader.

You will hold 100kcals harmless in the event of injury or harm that results from information obtained from sites other than 100kcals.com. The Company does not monitor this information and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or veracity of the content obtained from web sites linking in to 100kcals.com.

This information is used at your own risk and should be verified and deemed accurate and safe before being used by The Client or Client associates.


100kcals.com’s information, regardless of format, is protected under all international copyright laws and may not be used, copied or disseminated by you without written approval of the author.

Changes in Terms of Service

Changes in Terms of Service will be published on this page of the 100kcals.com website and will apply upon publication. Any changes of TOS apply to all publications of 100kcals in whatever form. Terms of Service will not be changed, amended or supplemented except in writing and published within the general TOS agreement that appears on these pages of the 100kcals.com website.

Changes in Terms of Service may be changed from time to time as the Company deems appropriate. Your continued use of the 100kcals website and materials and information through downloads, domains or affiliate sites under the control of 100kcals shall be in force once they have been published on the Terms of Service page.

The terms and conditions described in this agreement apply to your access to the 100kcals website, the access of Shred It program and the use of this information from present day in perpetuity and include your acceptance of this Agreement, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer without regard to The Client’s statutory consumer rights within the country in which the Client claims primary residence.

Communications with 100kcals.com

All communications with 100kcals will be in writing and may be delivered in email format.

All contact information is located on the Contact page of 100kcals.com website. The owner retains the right to change contact information at any time for any purposes it deems appropriate and will not be held liable for any harm caused by changes in contact information.

Contact information will always be made available on 100kcals’s main site and on other websites as deemed appropriate by the owner.

Force Majeure

Neither The Company nor The Client will be held liable to perform any obligation under this or any other agreement which is due to events beyond the control of the Company or the Client including Acts of God, acts of war or terrorism, or any natural or man-made occurrence.

Either The Company or The Client affected by such events shall inform the other party in writing and shall employ all reasonable means to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Agreement Totality

Neither the Client nor The Company will apply any single term or condition set forth in these Terms of Service. This document will only be considered in its whole and may not be used in part to hold 100kcals and its authors, employees, affiliates and associates responsible for any damages or harm caused by changes made at the discretion of The Company.

Further, if The Company deems that a change in Terms of Service is required, the change will apply to the specific clause in which the change appears and does not abrogate or otherwise change the Terms of Service described herein.

© These Terms of Service, 100kcals.com and all company materials are protected under international copyright laws and may not be altered or changed without written approval of 100kcals’s author.

100kcals will actively pursue individuals and business entities who abuse The Company’s copyright protections across international borders as long as the copyrights remain in effect.